Monday, March 25, 2013

Jurassic Park - The Beer Collection! Part III

The third installment of the JP Beer Collection ( initials too...) is a style not frequently sold in stores; the rauchbier. This dark ale includes 2 lbs of rauchmaltz, which is smoked malt.

In olden times, many ales took on a smokey flavor from use of wood-fired kilns to dry malted barley. Smoke from woods such as birch and alder would infuse the grain and thus give the beer a unique flavor. Over the years and with advancements in brewing techniques, the rauchbier has become a novelty among brewers. While a few breweries still make smokey beers (Alaskan Smoked Porter, for example), this style is truly a specialty. Compared to others I've tried, this recipe is rather light on the smoke flavor. However it is most definitely present at the back of the palate.

For the Jurassic Park Beer Collection, naming this one was a bit tricky. However, when we think of smoke and Jurassic Park, how can you not think of the character of Arnold - Hammond's chain-smoking leading IT guy played by none other than Samuel L. Jackson (back when he was a face and not yet a name).

In honor of Arnold's ill-fated attempt to restore power, "get Jurassic Park back online without Dennis Nedry" (and his often-muttered catchphrase) I give you...

6 lb Dark DME
2 lbs Rauchmatlz
1 oz. Hallertau (60 minute)
1 oz. Saaz (30 minute)
1 oz. Chinook (5 minute)
1 oz. Hallertau (1 minute)
Wyeast German Ale

Recommended Food Pairing: Meat. Lots of meat.

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