Thursday, April 4, 2013

Jurassic Park - The Beer Collection! Part VI

Big and bold. This described not only our last beer of the collection, but the most famous dinosaur of all time - Tyrannosaurus rex! First discovered by Barnum Brown in 1902 and described by Osborn in 1905, this animal has since captivated people around the world as the most massive terrestrial predator that ever lived.

While liberties were taken regarding its behavior in the books and film series (eyesight based on movement?), the "breakout" scene of the T. rex in the first Jurassic Park film has been praised as one of the most intense and terrifying scenes in motion picture history.

To conclude the Jurassic Park Beer Collection, we have saved the best for last - full flavor and large body, just like the king!


6 lbs Golden light DME
1 oz. Black Malt
2 oz. Chocolate Malt
4 oz. Crystal Malt 60L
1 oz. Target (Bittering)
10 oz. East Kent Goldings (Flavoring)
British Ale Yeast

Recommended Food Pairings: Spicy chicken and pork, sweet fruit salads and desserts, heavily seasoned meats (corned beef, pastrami), everything that moves in the park!

                                                                   Enjoy the show!

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